10 Must-Have Tools For Small Business Owners

//10 Must-Have Tools For Small Business Owners

The utilization of tools and applications can help small businesses thrive, giving them an edge that’s greatly needed in any industry. When your schedule is already tight, a helping hand -or in this case app- can assist in freeing up your day.

Workflows, customer service and the chance to ramp up sales all become a little easier to maintain. And you’ll foster an environment where your organization can succeed every time.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners all take different approaches when finding ways to benefit their company. You might be surprised to see how many options are out on the market, and at a point it gets overwhelming. However, there are tools that have proven their worth in integrating with offices all over the globe.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, having a few business tools up your sleeve may help. You’ll notice the difference quickly enough, and elevate your business to the next level.


Perhaps one of the most well-known and used platforms, GSuite by Google is a software tool that packs multiple functionalities into one. The tool helps you buy a web domain and track website analytics.

You can also set up a mail client, create and manage advertising campaigns, and organize a massive system of important documents. And since it’s a Google platform, you can rest assured your data will be secure and taken care of.


ScheduleOnce is a free tool that helps you schedule online appointments. It synchronizes with Google Calendar and lets you block specific times during a week for all your meetings. If you upgrade your plan to the $5 per month premium service, you’ll get meeting reminder emails and additional calendar options too.


Skype is the de facto platform for free video and voice calls. It leads the VoIP calling industry and can be used by people both professionally and personally.

On the work front, you can easily integrate this into your office to communicate with contractors, team members, podcast guests, etc. Upgrading to premium features will give you the ability to call cell phones and landlines, and also screen share.


Evernote is arguably the king of note-taking apps. This free and powerful cross-device application lets you jot down ideas and information, and create reminders and voice memos. Set up a dedicated notebook for specific notes and share files with others for a smoother weekly workflow.


Slack is the WhatsApp for business communication. And it makes communication within teams extremely seamless. However, the tool offers more than just facilitated interactions between colleagues. It allows you to share files, make phone calls, and easily search for messages.

Your inbox won’t see as many emails come through, so it won’t be as cluttered as before. You can delegate which channel employees need to be in to avoid getting stuck in threads not meant for them. There are quite a few fun functionalities incorporated as well, like its giant library of emojis and meme-inspired generator.


QuickBooks is an accounting software that gives you more than just an overview of your company’s financial health. It helps you track your business’ expenses and extensively goes through financial statements.

You can track unpaid invoices, pay vendors and employees, etc. The software works with multiple accounts, including credit cards, bank accounts, Square, and PayPal.


EquityNet is a handy system to have if you’re business wants more investors on-board. It’s a free crowdfunding space that can assist you with planning, analyzing, and sharing your plans with investors.

The tool helps tremendously with your funding goals. The support it provides is incredibly helpful during initial ideation stages.


Running a web-based business can be frustrating at times, especially when communicating with customers. Not being able to “see” customer needs or educate them properly can lead to problematic future decision-making.

Luckily, Intercom is built with a suite of features and functionalities that cover a variety of essential customer service requirements. Onboard, engage and nurture customer leads in a much more manageable way.


RescueTime is a cross-platform tool that tracks the time you’ve spent on websites and applications. Then it forwards you detailed information and reports about your activities. All of this data helps you understand how productive -or maybe not so productive- you’ve been all day.


Square is an app which has revolutionized the way businesses like salons, food trucks, and retail stores intake and process money. The simple and convenient block -from which it gets its name- turns into a powerful card reader. All you have to do is “plug” it into your mobile device and easily, swipe, bill and provide receipts or e-receipts to your customers.

your business can thrive with the right platformThere are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking the right business tools for your office. The best way to make a decision is to start with a few free options many of these platforms offer. You can also take advantage of any trial periods they have to navigate through a system prior to committing to it.

Making smart selections when it comes to tools for your business is crucial to meet your goals, monitor your success and promote a more effective team. With these top tools in mind, you’re off to a good start to build a better business.


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