3 Secrets We’ll Share For Growing A Stronger Business

//3 Secrets We’ll Share For Growing A Stronger Business

(Updated 12/10/2018)

Entrepreneurs are the driving force who continually spark others to reach for new business success goals. While it’s admirable that you’ve chosen an entrepreneurial path, the real work hasn’t even started. Now it’s time to dive into your role as a leader and build your company.

Contrary to popular belief, your business will not become successful just because it exists. You need to work hard and make tough decisions to reach the finish line! That said, you don’t need to do it alone. The experts at Radium2 Capital, a leading alternative lender that helps entrepreneurs access the capital they need for growth, share three secrets to growing a stronger business below:

Secret #1: Running A Business Varies From Excelling In A Profession

If you have previous experience in your fledgling company’s industry, you may think that you’re a lock for success. The truth is that you have a definite advantage, but nothing is set in stone yet. What did you do at your last job? Was it sales? Managing other employees? Writing a budget? You probably answered yes to one of those questions, but business leaders answer in the affirmative to all of them!

That’s right, an entrepreneur needs to know how their business runs from every conceivable angle. That means that you need to leave your comfort zone and start looking at things in a completely different way. Sure, it feels overwhelming at the moment, but it’s a great way to reach for success over the long run.

Secret #2: Invest In People And In Training

investing in training is one of the secrets to business growthSome entrepreneurs view their people as merely the hired help, and they are doomed to fail. Your employees are the face of your company, the people who your prospective customers will be interacting with as they determine whether they should choose you or a competitor. If you don’t have the right individuals in place, you might as well close up shop now. Therefore, it is vital to treat every hiring decision as the extremely important decision it is.

Finding the right people isn’t the end either. You need to invest in their skills so that they can propel your company to greatness! Remember that people work for other people, not some corporate entity. If you set a positive example by exhibiting the importance of personal growth, your team will also see that you’re invested in them as well.

Direct-response e-commerce company, Quantifed Commerce invests in their employees and helps train them through the use of a gamification system. They use principles found in Jack Stack’s book The Great Game of Business¬†to promote an open-book management style, which helps to grow and inspire employees and increase company productivity.

Secret #3: Stay Transparent With Clients And Employees

Finally, you need to be perhaps too overtly clear with customers and employees alike. If you’re dishonest about the value you can provide to a prospective client, you’ll end up not only harming that relationship but also the business overall. They will feel personally affronted and might even share their experiences on social media to ensure that others know of the experience they had. Your reputation just won’t be the same.

Likewise, your employees are the face of your brand. If they aren’t sticking to the truth it’ll reduce the efficiency of the company and have other negative outcomes. Customers need to trust them as well as you if your company is to thrive, after all!

Leverage Your Success

work smarter not harder with these secrets for business growthSuccessful entrepreneurs and business-minded people need to accept that being good at a previous job in the industry is not enough to catapult you to success. Business growth takes time, dedication and sometimes money in order to produce the results you want to see. And while there are plenty of ways to cultivate a strong growth cycle for your company, these secret tips are some of the best reminders during any stage your company’s at.

If you’re interested in more business tips from the pros or the funding you need to turn your vision into reality, reach out to Radium2 Capital today!

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