The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Brand

//The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Brand

Your brand needs exposure, just like the hundreds and even thousands of other companies do every year. Markets are constantly flooded, and you might be dealing with more than one business selling products or services similar to yours. The brands who have followed a certain formula tend to stand out against other names.

Take for example how well Nike or Coca-Cola have done over the last few decades. They created a strong voice that resonated with their customers and causes them to repeatedly come back. And it was through unique strategies that enabled them to find success.

In the same regard, it means you have to focus on a branding strategy to rise above the rest. The question remains though; how do you take the first steps to properly execute your branding and brand identity? Radium2 Capital has created the ultimate guide for those ready to jump into the vast ocean of marketing and business. With these quick tips and tricks, you’ll be more prepared to face the obstacles on your journey to success.

1. Envision Your Audience

what's in a brand? your brand is everything and will set up your business for successFirst off, you need to define your target market. Think about the people you want to sell your products or services. What problems are you trying to solve for them? And what group are you focusing on that you’ll primarily be selling to?

Remember, narrowing down the audience focus will allow you to shape and hone in on what your emails and marketing looks like. This can even include your “About Us” page and how you shape your content. Once you have a better idea of what your audience looks like, you’ll become more laser-focused and deliver outstanding results for your clients.

2. Create a Mission Statement

What is your company’s main mission going forward? What are the values that you want to create? If your company is in a competitive market, this is especially important to state. Prospective customers will be able to see even more of what your business is all about.

3. Build Your Brand Outreach

a guide to branding that will help you find business successAdvertising is crucial in today’s business world. You need to know how to utilize social media and email marketing for optimal outreach. Work hard to put together a campaign that will sell what your business does, who they serve and the like. If you can acquire an email list early on, that can help pave a path for a larger audience.

Each piece that you create is incredibly important. They all require a lot of attention even after you’ve had “perfected” the process. For example, if you’ve built a strong email drip campaign, then you have to constantly monitor it. You may have to tweak it in order to grab more people’s attention but that’s part of business. And it can help you create a wider reach too.

4. Talk About the Quality and Benefits of Your Brand

This should be at the forefront of your website text. Let your audience know about the little things that make your company truly special. They should see what it is that sets you apart from comparable businesses.

By creating the “why” people will be able to make a quicker and more efficient buying decision. When you are excited about your brand, through social media and beyond, then others will follow suit.

5. Determine Your Company’s Voice

get behind your branding to really raise the barIt’s something you’ve heard about a lot but might be trying to still figure out. Building your company’s voice is all about the storytelling. Take your ideal customers on a journey with your brand. Appeal to their worries and needs, and let them know how your business can help relieve those issues.

Consider if you need a funny tone or one that is more serious. People will be able to identify what kind of company you are through the types of marketing and wording you display for them online.

6. Remember to Monitor

Any changes occurring with your company should be detailed in social media posts. This means that you should have a presence on several channels like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Once you are regularly posting, you can watch how people interact with your content.

Monitor any comments and private messages that come in, so you can establish a good relationship with your customers. When you do, customers will notice that there are real people on the other end. Your company will show how you have solutions to their problems and are willing to go above and beyond to make their experience amazing. That will catch on, and keep people loyal to your brand.

7. Learn How to Measure Your Success and Branding

There are numerous tools you can utilize to measure success online. It can keep track of quantifiable metrics. Hootsuite is an excellent social media management tool, to “A/B test” which posts are working and which aren’t. You can even use Google Alerts and Complaint Search Box. These tools can watch your foot traffic and help create unique strategies to optimize your opportunities.

8. Define Your Overall Style

your branding will define the trajectory of your companyGraphic design is incredibly important for branding on a company’s website. Hire an independent contractor to create a logo for your business cards, along with working on the graphics for your site.

Take advantage of the fact that there surely are many local professionals in this field who you can support by hiring them for this purpose. When your style has been crafted to match your brand and voice, your customers can easily recognize who you are.

9. Keep Your Branding True to Itself

One of the main things you need to remember is how to keep your brand voice consistent throughout all channels and over time. This is when it is useful to have the same individual (or small group of people) write web copy and social media/email content for you.

Stick with your brand voice, unless there is some serious reason why you should not use it. If you change your branding too often, others will lose the vision they had built up for you and won’t feel you’re as trustworthy as other companies.

10. Advocate for Your Brand

be an advocate for your brandAll of the staff, including the CEO, should talk up the company and create a buzz surrounding it. Create a true voice for the business as it grows. One sure-fire way to achieve this is to write about something related to your customer’s interests that will be intriguing for your target audience. Tie that messaging into everything you can and make sure to include a call-to-action in a friendly, natural way.


Consider launching a crowdfunding campaign if you’re looking to grow quickly, get the word out about your brand, and utilize new funds to get your product or service in the market place. Working with a company like InventureX who has experience in the industry would be a great place to start.

Following these “guidelines” will help you build your branding step-by-step to reflect exactly what you want for your business. Know what you want to convey, keep a steady and clear voice, and utilize your social media channels as much as possible. Get ready to build your brand, elevate your reputation and watch your company grow.

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