Launching a Podcast?: Here Are Our Tips And Tricks

//Launching a Podcast?: Here Are Our Tips And Tricks

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever before to be proactive in attracting customers to your brand. Now that nearly everybody has an SEO-optimized website and strong social media game, you need to do something else to stand out online.

One increasingly popular approach is to launch a podcast. A podcast is like a radio show that can be streamed over the internet, making it a great way to give your brand a distinct voice while engaging your target audience in a unique way. Of course, you can’t go live with no plan and expect to develop a following. Here are a few tips and tricks for a podcast to become a successful marketing tool for your business.

Bring On Guests With A Small Following

Like any talk show, podcasts often have a guest segment where the host(s) interact with a celebrity. Try to ask an influencer to appear on your program. Many influencers have loyal followers that will tune in to see them, even if they’ve never heard of you or your podcast before!

Most influencers also promote their appearances on Facebook and Twitter, acting as free marketing for your podcast. Hosting somebody on your podcast may also inspire them to reciprocate, either by inviting you to their podcast or some other collaborative effort. This exposure can only be a good thing as you try to build awareness of what your podcast is all about.

Prepare Plenty Of Questions

Once you have a quality guest lined up, make sure that you have plenty of insightful questions to ask them. Filling up airtime with filler phrases such as “um” and “so, like, do you have anything to say?” makes for a painful listening experience that will bore your audience to tears. Worse, your guest will realize that you really didn’t put any thought into their appearance, decreasing the likelihood that they will return in the future.

Instead, ask questions that allow your guest to show off their expertise. You can also mix in the occasional human interest question, such as “What was the most embarrassing moment in your career?” That will almost always produce an interesting conversation that will keep your audience engaged.

Promote Early And Often

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If your company isn’t getting its name out there, you won’t have any customers no matter how good your product is. Podcasts are the exact same way. Promote what you’re doing on your company’s website and all of your social media channels to make sure that your target audience knows that there is a new podcast they can’t afford to miss!

A Consistent Schedule Is Crucial

There’s a lot of writing, editing, and recording that goes into a successful podcast, so you don’t need to commit to a weekly format if you can’t swing it. However, you should stick to a set schedule, whether that means the third Saturday of every month or every other Tuesday. This way, your audience knows when to tune in. You also get the ability to schedule guests and topics weeks in advance, something you can’t do with a haphazard schedule.

Build A Well-Designed Website

Successful podcasts gain more listeners over time, so it’s helpful to have a site where newer listeners can catch up on all of the material they missed. This site is ultimately a marketing tool, so make sure that it is SEO-optimized so that listeners can find it! It wouldn’t hurt to mention it on the air, either.

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