5 Ways To Revamp Your Business Social Media Accounts

//5 Ways To Revamp Your Business Social Media Accounts

It’s been studied that social media marketing results in higher conversion rates compared to other channels. What’s interesting to note is that it’s also the most cost-effective part of an advertising strategy. With the number of global social media users expected to surpass the 3-billion mark in less than 2 years, this would be a great time to know how to tailor your accounts for maximum efficiency.

1) Swap Out the Link in Your Instagram Bio

As you already know, Instagram only provides one opportunity to feature a clickable link in your bio. Much can be said about how limiting this is from a marketer’s standpoint. What you might not have realized is that there’s no limit to how often you can modify the link.

This is actually a lot easier than it sounds — in fact, it shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to update the URL. This means you could do it whenever you’re rolling out a new initiative. Just remember to accompany the change with new photos and captions directing users towards the link.

2) Try a Social Media Takeover

It’s perhaps, the easiest, most effective way to gain access to other audiences — teaming up with another brand for a cross-promotional campaign. All it’ll take is to find a business that’s complementary with yours and swap social media profiles. The rule of thumb here is to have them take over your most popular channel, and vice-versa. This could lead to a two-fold growth in your followings.

3) Make Use of Pinned Posts

Part of maintaining active social media presences is updating your profile pages as often as you can. This of course means you’re constantly second-guessing what someone sees first when they happen upon the feeds. Does that sound like your current situation? Well, it’s fair to say that you’re yet to figure out how to start making use of pinned posts.

The concept is quite simple — choose a post that showcases your best content and stick it atop your profile pages. Better yet, why not use the feature to announce deals and other interesting developments? Your options are practically limitless. Ultimately, what’s important is to pin something that will charm prospects into followers.

4) Utilize Influencer Marketing

Ever felt like you could use a helping hand to make your voice heard on social media? Of course you have, considering just how competitive the space has become these days. Which means you’ll be delighted to know that there’s an answer in the form of influencer marketing.

Essentially, an influencer is a social media figure who has the credibility and following to drive conversation around a particular niche or subject. This means they could provide you with a shortcut for accessing a highly-targeted audience. It goes without saying that you’ll need to find an influencer who’s not only relevant for your brand, but also willing to work with you.

5) Ask for Customer Reviews

Consumers are more trusting of their peers’ opinions than they are of advertisements. Moreover, surveys suggest that over 50 percent of them use social media to research purchasing decisions. Putting two and two together makes it clear that a positive customer review on social media is worth its weight in gold.

As such, it’d be worth your while to develop a strategy for obtaining reviews. This will of course require you to maintain the highest quality of service you possibly can. Still, you’ll be glad to know that most clients will post their happy experiences on your profile pages if you ask the right way. Don’t forget to respond to the comments thereafter.

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