3 Surprising Mistakes Your Sales Team Is Making

//3 Surprising Mistakes Your Sales Team Is Making

It’s said that a good work ethic is what separates a great salesperson from an ordinary one. Combine that with a wealth of experience, and what you have is a recipe for success. As long as every member of your sales team has these two attributes, it shouldn’t prove difficult to maintain a ready market for your products.

That is, unless there’s something wrong somewhere in the equation. In the race to charm prospects, even the most competent professional can make mistakes. Take a look at some of the errors that could be affecting the performance of your sales team.

Your Sales Team is Too Robotic Sales Team Mistakes Radium2 Capital

It’s one of those puzzles that gnaws at you the more you think about it: A sales outfit that routinely under delivers even with all manner of technologies at their disposal. Does that sounds like your situation? It could be that your sales recipe is missing what’s arguably the most important ingredient — a human touch.

Technology does help people go about their jobs quicker and more efficiently, but with this comes the risk of getting disoriented. In your case, your salespeople might be focused so much on metrics that they’ve basically transformed into robots. Emphasis on ‘robots’, as prospects can tell the difference between a mass email and one that’s specifically tailored for them.

As for how to correct your sales mistake, why not start by reminding your team that they’re still the connective tissue in the sales process? Inc.com recommends emphasizing the need to focus less on numbers, and more on internationalization. That means researching leads before reaching out, crafting messages that are actually addressed to the person, and building meaningful relationships thereafter.

Your Sales Team is Not Solving Problems

That’s right: today’s consumers look out for meaningful value. Your selling propositions must therefore strike a chord with the challenges your prospects face. Otherwise, your sales team might as well be trying to make a case for your products to a brick wall.

See, salespeople are notorious for bombarding with information at the slightest invitation. Think of the last time you encountered one; did they drone on about the features and benefits of their offerings? No wonder you couldn’t care to find out more thereafter — it’s what happens when one focuses on selling, rather than solving problems.

In a nutshell, your sales drives will be much more fruitful if they make sense from the other end. Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects: What kind of challenges are they likely facing? Can your products provide solutions? That’s what your team should center their sales pitches around.

Your Sales Team is Inconsistent Sales Planning Radium2 Capital

Consistency breeds trust. There’s no better way to make prospects trust you than to stick to the same theme throughout the sales process. This in turn calls for thorough planning.

Yes, spontaneity still has its place in the equation. Even so, a lack of planning creates the likelihood of sowing doubt in people’s minds, specifically by sending them conflicting messages. It also puts your team at risk of missing appointments or, worse, chasing after leads who aren’t interested in your products.

Putting your house in order starts with laying out a plan. Ideally, you want your team to prioritize leads based on their stages in the conversion cycle. This goes hand-in-hand with creating expectations they can actually fulfill. It also goes without saying that product information must be conveyed accurately throughout the process.

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