Hiring Seasonal Help? Things You Should Know

//Hiring Seasonal Help? Things You Should Know

Hiring seasonal help can help your business excel during certain times of the year. Hire the right help, and you will have satisfied customers, and that can boost sales. If you want to get the best people on board early, but are low on cash, Radium2 Capital can help you with the funds you need to get good employees before your competitors grab them. We have flexible repayment terms that take the worry out of seasonal hiring. If you are ready to hire seasonal help, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Know the Difference Between Contractors and Employees

The basic differences between contractors and employees are as follows: Contractors do a job for your with little control from you. For example, if you hire people to handle extra accounting duties and those individuals are contractors, you give them assignments, they complete the work and you pay them an agreed-upon amount. In many situations, contractors may work from home and according to their own schedule. They receive no benefits, no taxes are withheld from the compensation they receive, and they do not receive direct supervision. For tax purposes, you provide the contractor with an IRS form 1099, and the individual is responsible for reporting income and paying taxes.

If you hire individuals as full or part-time employees, they may be eligible for certain benefits, receive direct supervision, and work according to an assigned schedule. Your company is responsible for payroll taxes and possibly some of the benefits you provide for full or part-time employees. You also need to ensure that any dealings with seasonal employees are in accordance with federal, state and local laws regarding workers rights. This includes laws covering minimum wage, overtime and working conditions. (Source BusinessNewsDaily.com)

Make Your Seasonal Employees Feel Welcome

Seasonal Employees Radium2 Capital

Treat seasonal employees like your regular employees, or as you would want to be treated. Provide adequate training for seasonal employees to enable them to feel confident in performing their duties. It is helpful to allow seasonal employees enough time to shadow experienced coworkers before they fly solo. Include your seasonal employees in discount programs and special occasions like holiday gatherings when possible.

Be Clear and Upfront About Work Schedules

It’s important when hiring seasonal employees to be clear and completely upfront about work schedules. Many times seasonal employees are brought on to work days where you are going to be short-staffed. It’s important when posting job descriptions and requirements that you include what days, especially holidays, seasonal employees will be required to work. Black Friday is a huge day for retail, so if it is a required work day for your seasonal staff, it’s important that you include that in the job posting.

It’s also important that you include hours in your job posting. If you expect your seasonal help to have to work 12 hour shifts on busy days, you need to be upfront about it. If not, you may find your company even more short-staffed if your seasonal help quits unexpectedly due to feeling overworked or duped by their employer. (Source Workable.com)

Hire Seasonal Employees with the Future in Mind

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When you hire the best seasonal employees, you will always have a pool of qualified people to call on when you need help later. Students are often happy to work during breaks from school. If some of your seasonal workers are retirees, you may find them willing to fill in for regular employees during emergencies.

When hiring seasonal help, there is a lot of competition between businesses to hire the best. However, seasonal employees with the potential for a long-term relationship with your company are out there. When you find them, embrace them as true members of the team, treat them fairly, and reward them for a job well-done.

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