Is A Blog Really A Valuable Marketing Tool?

//Is A Blog Really A Valuable Marketing Tool?

Have you been wondering if it is a worthwhile venture to use a blog as a marketing tool? The answer is yes, blogs are great when it comes to helping your business get off on the right foot or to boost awareness and interest in your business. Read on to learn just why you should create one for this purpose.

1) Blogs work well to bring traffic to your website

You can use your blog to bring people to your site. Ideally, you want to bring people to your site without having to pay for ads on other sites. When you use good SEO techniques, you’ll pull in traffic. Also, you should encourage followers to share when you post a link to your new blog post on social networks, as this is a great way to bring free traffic to your site. A blog cost little to set up, but can reap great rewards in terms of free traffic to your website.

2) Gives your brand a voice

Blogs also are an excellent means of providing your brand with a voice. This means that you put more of a personality behind what your business has to offer. Talk about industry trends, why you decided to sell a certain product or service, and any background experience that lends credibility to you. This is sure to turn some people into potential customers, and eventually lead some into purchasing from or hiring you.

If your website ends up in front of someone, or they learn of you elsewhere, chances are they want to learn what you’re about. As long as you have engaging web copy, such as blog posts, they’ll read through in an effort to find out if you offer what they need or want.

3) Announce Your Business News

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When you have a blog, you don’t necessarily have to put out a press release. You can write a blog post some or all of the time to serve the same purpose. Many people prefer the more informal, friendly tone that comes along with a blog post that you don’t get with a press release. They are sure to pay more attention and read for longer, leading to more click throughs to your main site and potential sales.

If you’re releasing a new product or making a change to an existing product or service, it’s important to get the word out there. Use language that informs as well as excites the reader into wanting to know more. If you are rebranding and want to test out this new image, this is a great first step.

4) Convert to Leads with Ease

Once you have readers on your website, you have the opportunity to get more leads. Over time, you can put in less effort and achieve greater reward because of the fact that you have gained more visibility. Loyal followers, especially those who become happy customers, certainly will share your blog and social media announcements with people who they think would have the most interest in what you have to offer. Marketing giant, Hubspot, highly recommends including call to actions at the end of posts to encourage lead conversion.

5) Search Engines Do the Hard Work

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After you write that blog post, as long as you rank high enough on the search engine, you will continue to see rewards from it. You don’t even need to touch it again. However, you might want to respond to comments that readers leave for you, even if it’s just a “thank you” or simple answer they can find on your site.

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