6 Conferences Every Small Business Owner Should Attend In 2019

//6 Conferences Every Small Business Owner Should Attend In 2019

Conferences are held all over the country, for pretty much any type of business. Small business owners can sometimes feel like they are in it by themselves, but there are thousands of people doing the same thing. It might be impossible for a person to make all the conferences for small business owners listed below, but here are a few that we recommend you attend.


May 8-10th, NYC

Price: $1,099

Those in the New York City area will find 99U to be a very educational experience. It focuses on making dreams into realities with small businesses. Here, speakers and class instructors aim to inspire those small business owners to think bigger than ever before.

National Small Business Summit

October 16-17th, Washington DC

Price: $200-$275

If you are looking to join thousands of other small business owners, then National Small Business Summit is the conference for you. This is a great way to link up with other small businesses and learn key insights into running a small businesses. The conferences is hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and is held in Washington DC in October. The conference includes breakout sessions, receptions, and Blue Ribbon Awards.


November 19-22nd, San Francisco

Price: $1899 (estimate)

Dreamforce is hosted by Salesforce, and each year they seem to find a way to bring in creative minds to attract huge audiences. This year’s speakers are yet to be announced, but stay tuned to the website for their release. Previous speakers include Al Gore, Arianna Huffington, and Will.i.am among others. . San Francisco has evolved into the hub for start ups, tech, and small business dreamers, so it makes sense that it is held there. It might be turning into a bit too much hype for some, but there is still a lot of information that can be learned here.

Launch Festival

June 17-20th, Sydney, Australia

Price: Free-$795

Out of all the conferences, Launch Festival might be the most targeted towards small businesses and startups in particular. People are encouraged to share what they are working on, and possibly gain some support. Think of it a little bit like Shark Tank, minus of course the television cameras and all the other hoopla that goes into that. There have been quite a few success stories coming out of this conference in the past for people who did not have much financial support at first. Don’t have the finances to travel to Sydney this year? Don’t worry! Launch Festival is planning on coming back to the US in 2020.

Small Business Expo

Year round, held in major US cities

Price: Free

The great thing about the Small Business Expo is that it will be held in 17 cities this year. This makes things easier for those who might not have much of a travel budget. This is a huge event, featuring a trade show, conferences galore, and of course, opportunities to network. From Orlando to San Francisco, they are held all over the United States.

World Domination Summit

June 25-July 1st, Portland, OR

Price: $697

World Domination Summit is full of high energy speakers each year, and those looking for motivation don’t really need to look elsewhere. It is hard to beat what World Domination Summit can provide. It can be hard for some people to make it to Portland, Oregon, but those in the Pacific Northwest isolated from a lot of other conferences might be interested in WDS.

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