How To Get Your Startup Off The Ground? Network!

//How To Get Your Startup Off The Ground? Network!

Irrespective of what type of startup you are growing, networking is sure to play a key part in its development. To a large degree, the way you approach networking depends on the service or product you offer. From locating possible partners to brainstorming an idea, forming the right connections can certainly get your startup off the ground. The majority of entrepreneurs realize this; however, the problem normally arises in choosing networking events to attend and scheduling the time to do it. For people who do not have much networking experience, here are some important insights into this vital element of entrepreneurship:

Encourage People to Give you Their Opinion

It is crucial to know the movers and shakers in your industry, particularly if you are just starting out. Arranging formal meetings, or just chatting with people over a morning coffee, then asking them for their views will make people feel invested in your venture. Always thank them for taking the time to speak to you and find out whether they know any influencers in their circle who may be interested in meeting you.

Choose the Right Networking Events

Making the effort to attend networking events to talk to people personally can make a massive difference to your relationship building endeavors. If you have only launched your startup recently, it is wise to attend the most events you can manage, within your field of interest, over the course of your first year in business. After you have decided which events to target, be sure to dress professionally, and arm yourself with a set of business cards and an elevator pitch.

Do not Neglect the Social Networks

These days, business networking and social networking are natural bedfellows. Undoubtedly, the best social network for businesses is LinkedIn, particularly if you are growing a B2B company. Set up a profile on LinkedIn for your company and yourself, making sure you follow the website guidelines for doing this. Lots of startups also benefit from Facebook and Twitter. Whatever social media platforms you use though, always make your profiles look professional. Do not publish any content that might offend or deter potential clients.

Make Clear Communication Your Top Priority

In all your dealings with people, you should be aware of what you are requesting of them, and what you are offering in exchange. To communicate clearly with people consistently, you will have to approach things in a variety of ways. Your words will be interpreted differently by people from different cultures and backgrounds. Most of the time, if you cannot summarize what you want to say in a few sentences, it is too bewildering and unlikely to convince anyone to help. As a rule of thumb, confusion elicits a negative response, so keep it simple.

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